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The world’s best golf courses

Do you play golf? Then you have come to the right place, there is an abundance of first class golf courses in the Orlando area. Take a golf vacation in Orlando- Florida. In the US, Florida holds the most golf courses, in fact so many that they cannot agree on the exact number.
The golf courses in Orlando are offering you some of the best when it comes to form and challenges, and all the facilities are top class. A lot of prestigious golf tournaments take place in Florida, and many famous golf stars come to the Orlando area to practice. So look forward to your next golf vacation –in our lovely vacation home, where you have the opportunity to play golf on a wide range of first class golf courses. Have fun with your golf vacation in Orlando!

Only 15 minutes away from Disney World

The cottage lies perfectly positioned with only a 15 minutes drive to Disney World and 25 minutes to Universal Studios and Seaworld. There are thousands of activities in the beautiful Orlando area. Below, we have chosen some of the most popular. Click on the logos to visit the specific website (opens in a new window).

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